Monday, January 24, 2011

Arcol's mean little hot end 
photo from Kliment of Prusa / #reprap fame

Arcol, of the blog and the Planet RepRap feed (the more selective version of my RepRap Google feed) has a new hot end he has came out with.  As you can tell it's loosely based on the BfB Rapman nozzle, but he has took the design and took it into open source overdrive.  He has some prettier pictures out there (go looking though Kliment's website) but there is something about the look of a used nozzle that just feels more honest.

Per Kliment, who is the owner of this example, the brass get's warm, and the 4 hex spacers stay cool to the touch.  This makes it a MUCH cooler nozzle than the Stock Mk5 and BfB Rapman nozzle sets.  With it's benign thermal characteristics, and captured PFTE design, it should give trouble free service in what ever bot you decide to marry it to.

Arcol is in the process of setting up a web store, but if you want one of these he is asking 69 euro ($95), which puts his hot end right in the middle of the pack on price point.  He has mounts for Brutstruder, Mk5, Mk4, BfB Rapman, Prusa Mendel, and Sells Mendel  (Sells Mendel requires a altered X carriage).  Until he get's his store up and going you can find him in the #reprap IRC or email him at order[at)

Anyway I am a sucker for Steam Punk, and that my friends is a Steam Punk beauty of a hot end.  I wish Arcol well, and it's nice to see we have a growing group of developers that are strongly aligning themselves with the RepRap organization.

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