Sunday, May 30, 2010

Riding the Thingiverse way back machine

I have been intersted in RepRap for 2 years now, and honestly I had completely forgot about some of the older designs in Thingiverse, it's really a gold mine of inspiration to look at the old designs, some of which are just begging for new life.

[Go to the last page of Thingiverse] knew Makerbot Batch 1 designs where uploaded 1 year ago 2 weeks ago?'s sun glasses REALLY need to be printable! (Have fun comparing Bre's hair color in the pics and his Thingiverse profile) Dino Girls Rawr-saur really wants to be a printable STL
Who knew the Plastruder was inspired by a blog post by a guy with no intention of building it? Or that the 1st prototype had a rubber band on the idler wheel?
Zach Hoeken's Wings are screaming out for a OpenSCAD redo. A 1 stop programmable airfoil? That would be liquid awesome.

It just keeps going really, There are over 220 pages of stuff, most of which could use updates... Honestly if 30 minutes flipping though Thingiverse doesn't make you want to sit down and party with OpensCAD, HeeksCAD, and a cup of coffee, I don't know what will.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mendel Mechanical Construction Video Series.. Done

Yahoo aggregate feeder sometimes doesn't show it, but all 18 parts are in this post, you might have to click though.

Next up will be My mini Mendel, then a Darwin.
Mini Mendel Videos will start next week.