Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wasn't going to Blog it, but Jay/Makerblock said I should :)

My daughter got in trouble at Bible school a few weeks ago. One of the boys brought a Transformer to class, so my daughter started telling the other kids about her father's robot that sang songs,and made toys. She went on and on about it, talking about how it woke her up at night, about it's 2 babies, and how it would bite you if you put your hand in it's mouth. The teacher told her that she needed to stop lying. My daughter, with all the dignity that a 3 year old girl can muster (which is a lot), told her that she was telling the truth, and didn't appreciate being called a liar.

About 30 minutes after this my wife picked up my daughter from school (she was still in the corner, now crying because she had been sent back 3 times because she refused to admit she was lying). My wife asked what she had done to go to the corner. The teacher told my wife about the "lie" that my daughter was telling. Needless to say my wife insisted that the teacher apologize to my daughter.

Best hobby (and daughter) in the world.


  1. I believe this is what the youngster refer to as Pwnage. I say the teacher were "taken to school" by a clever kid.

  2. Baaaaaahahahhahaha!! Excellent.

    It being a bible school and all, it's a good thing she didn't start describing how it evolves, that it's name is Mendel, and that his dad was named Darwin! :)

    This is begging for a fantasy Children's story that lists even more magical things that a RepRap can/does do..

  3. You need a 'Like' button on your posts.

  4. Ahhhhahhaha! Very funny story.

    Yeah, good thing she didn't start describing that the robot's name is Mendel, which evolved from it's dad Darwin.