Friday, August 13, 2010

Interesting Repstrap

Doing my weekly blog search I found This Gem Out of Utrecht.  Mmmm, So pretty.

Added their blog and a few others to the Google Reader feed , We are now up to 266 blogs.


  1. Thanks! This is a joint effort that I'm helping out with. We've built quite a nice Dutch RepRap group and this in turn is spawning this new design. Martijn, Jeroen, Joris, myself and some others have worked on this design. I've focussed on making it fast (while staying accurate), Martijn on making it easy to build (probably the biggest win of this design), Siert on getting extrusion very reliable. I will definitely want to make sure it's compatible with different host software (Java-host and RepG/Skeinforge).

    Comments on the Beta design are certainly welcome!

  2. I said Martijn but I meant Siert Wijnia! Whoops :)

    Anyway, the can be ordered as of yesterday!