Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's just can't be that easy can it?

On the left is my 1st calibration print with my Prusa, on the right is my Prusa Mendel motor block.  I am officially heart broken.

I use Makergear .5mm big head nozzle, heatercore, PEEK thermal barrier, ACME threaded rods, a Brustruder, Teflon filament feeder tube from my horizontal filament spool... I have spend a YEAR getting my Makerbot calibrated to the point where most people can't believe I get the quality I do.   I mean, heck I have had over 1000 people download MY calibration set on Thingiverse.

And here I am !1ST! print off my Prusa, and it looks better than my Makerbot print.  This Home made Prusa just blew my Makerbot out of the water BEFORE calibaration.

I don't know if you can see it in these photos, but there is no visible Z wobble on my Prusa, but even with the ACME rods, there is a very slight wobble in my MB.

Here is a video of my getting as excited as a little school girl over a box :)

And here is a video giving you the sound difference between my two machines

Now I go onto printing on Makerbot, Calibrating Prusa White, and building Prusa Pink.  I know I am hugely behind on the goal for the week, 2-3 family emergencies, and learning the eccentricity of Gen6, Repsnapper, and 5d firmware took a bit more than I was expecting.  But it all came out in the end :)

On to printer 3!

BTW Prusa White thank you list.

Mendel-Parts.com for the Gen6 Electronics & motors
Ultimachine.com for the PLA
Ultimachine for the Skeinforge Settings
Makergear for the Hot end
Eckerteck for the hobbed bolt
Lowes Hardware for the wood
My local plastic supply Triad Plasticfor the Acrylic
My local fastener supplies Automotive Fasteners and Salem Supply for the fasteners, tool rod, and threaded.

But the largest thanks has to go to Makerbot & Makergear. Makerbot for getting me off the fence about the kit over a year ago with their great price at the time, and Makergear for spending a year giving me wonderful customer service helping to get my Makerbot reliable. 

And of course Klimnent, Prusajr, Tesla, Makergear_Rick, arspitfire, Camiel, Spec, and ALL the others for answer 1000 stupid questions in the RepRap IRC


  1. big difference in sound, i hope i can get more done on my project soon.

  2. That's looking good. Are those plain printed PLA bushings on the Prusa?

  3. Way to go Neil!!! Nice one! You aced that build and it's running smooth! :)

  4. Hey, on your Z axis, did you find that the bushing column (which is the best way I can describe it) was a tight fit, or did you have some jiggle. I'm asking because I ended up drilling out mine just a little too much.

    Great work by the way

  5. He said "Brass Bushings" but what he meant was "Bronze Bushings"

    Oil impregnated bronze bushings:


    I only know this because he helped me make my Bill of Materials list. :)

  6. I was wondering if you could put together an instructional on how to connect a gen6 with a prusa. I'm having problems getting a power supply to work with the board and I dont know where to get those splitters to put the z motors together. Thanks.