Friday, September 24, 2010

What the heck is a Thing-o-matic?

Did just scoop Makerbot's announcement? That don't look like no Makerwave to me, but it sure does look pretty.

Looks like:
Internal electronics
Only 1 Rod to lift an all wood Z platform (No belt?)
X is now on the trolley instead of Y
Looks larger than your average Makerbot
Open on all 4 sides (one side looks sorta open)

Could this be the big announcement?


  1. I saw that too. looks like a slightly bigger bot with all the new bits announced over the last few weeks integrated in one. I wonder if the abp is any larger or if it has the same build size as the cupcake. wonder how price will compare to the 'ultimate' package they announced. looks like the same stuff, just with a different z axis, everything else seems fairly similar to the cupcake from those pics. I wonder if it has the new electronics in it.

  2. Look at the XY, the covers for the rods are on the front, so for some reason the changed up the XY orientation.

    Wonder what the new build area is.

  3. Saw that on the flickr feed too, looks neat!
    I was sure that they were just going to replace all of X with an ABP, and just move that around. I kinda like this version, though it will be harder to DIY.

  4. Haha, I saw that on the flickr feed as well, but just glanced at it thinking "Oh, Bre with a"

  5. Only reason I flagged it was the sweet Atlas behind him.

  6. Hmm, I also see an automated build platform 2.0...

  7. And it is announced, $1225, mid november, has bigger automatic platform, and 4gen electronics, inside.