Monday, September 6, 2010

The Dangers of Extruder development, accentually punching one's self in the face

I was doing failure testing on my new Brutstruder.  I was very proud of myself when my 1st version lifted a 2 liter of coke.  Well, after a few modifications, this one got up to 3 1/2 gallons of water, or about 27 lb worth of lift strength.  That's not quite a wades extruder, but considering the 1st 1/2 of the video was with 2 springs, the later I put 3 on, and they are compressed out, so this has a lot more pulling it can do with proper sprints, and 4 of them.

I would suggest watching the whole video, but if you are sick like Rick From Makergear, you might want to skip directly to 3:10 where I punch myself in the face with a Kysan Gearmotor.  No blood, but my nose is still sore.


  1. If your supermarket is selling gallons that only weigh seven pounds, you need to report them to the department of weights and measures (unless, of course, you live around 250 miles above sea level). Also, I'm wondering why you didn't just put the jug into the bucket, instead of pouring it out.

    That's great, though. I tried printing one today, but after maybe half an hour my loose filament worked its way into one of my endstops and snapped off when it tried to home between layers. I'll have to try again tomorrow. The Wade's is working quite nicely now (made my first water-tight minimug today, plus several other small objects and a bunch that I had to abort when they came unstuck from the print bed), but I'm thinking about making that a dedicated PLA extruder, and using the brutstruder with RepG when I decide to try ABS.

  2. I'm totally disappointed that the actual face punch wasn't caught on film. :)

  3. Hey Neil, I just wanted to thank you for saving me the trouble... Wakka wakka wakka!

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