Sunday, July 25, 2010

Death by Wife

I am SO dead.  I purchased 6 foot of the PTFE Tubing, and a 6 foot stick of 6mm smooth rod without consulting the wife 1st.  $40 will be noticed :).   Even though I don't plan on using my Mini Mendel, other than as a base for my own build, I am going to start uploading videos to Youtube of the build, and I don't feel right not doing everything by the book if other people are going to use it to help them build.

 By the end of next week I hope to have a fully assembled Mendel, & Mini, and a 1/2 completed Brutis.  Let's see how far I get.


  1. lol good luck, it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. i have had to do that for a few parts too, sad to say

  2. Oh..No I feel very lucky now! I have never had that problem..
    You are selling your bits online won't that count.. Justify any expense?
    Neat Idea using PTFE nice and slippery.

    I usually mention that I will be spending money thou if its £100 or more.. Like I mentioned/enthused about the 1Kw of Solar cells with Grid tie inverters they were quite expensive. The usual reaction is positive to (worse)positive Eager to use or borrow what ever it is I'm buying. She is an Engineer tho

  3. I'm not that bad, but I have way too much RepRap stuff :) She is fine as long as I sell enough to get the money back. Nothing quite as awsome as the BodgeIT complex!

  4. Still a frustrated bodgeIt here tho We were due to move to Bodgits Towers last weekend still stuck at Midges house due to Baby and toddler sitting for Midges Daughter. Who is been on a week break to Cyprus back tomorow ;-). I then have builders in Thursday to Thursday at Bodgit towers fixing the water damage to consevatrory, utility room etc from burst pipes back in Febuary when we had -18C several nights running. So I'v buit a Makerbot struggling with RS485 coms With packet response code: Unknow code with a Warning packet payload Empty. No scope no tools as all moved house to the New Home Office two weeks ago.