Friday, June 18, 2010

Trying out for selling RepRap Parts

The CFO of my house has defunded my RepRap hobby. In other words I have to sell my Mendel if I want to finish my 3 other mini Mendels (yes I have a problem).

I read about Sell Simply, which is a VERY simple selling site where you start your listings, and have all your interaction through twitter. Selling is a flat $1. That's it, no commission. All transactions are handled though Paypal.

There's two options with this sell $450 for all the RP parts, or $1500 and I will send the whole RepRap, electronics, motors, RP, rods, belts, and Lasercut parts. I will load it all up in a 1560 Pelican case and send it on.

If your interested go to

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