Sunday, June 27, 2010

RP mendel parts $200? I hate Ebay

If your interested they are at Heck place bid on it, It's not official till I accept it. I will send it any way you want, so if you want to pay for next day air you can have it on your desk on Tuesday :)

More views at

All the parts have been processed, you can see them go together here:

It's nice to see Cyrozap has joined me over at Sell, a dollar is a dollar. (Better than $20+ at ebay) If these parts don't sell by Wednsday I am going to just sell them on Ebay, likely get a lot more money doing it that way, but considering we don't make minimal wage printing the parts, it's not really about the money :).

All parts have been already assembled once. I didn't bother printing an extruder for it because you can buy one off the shelf at:

or here

or here

$30 more than the laser cut parts from Botmill, for a quieter printer, that is easier to put together? Can't go any lower than that :).


  1. Hi

    BotMill will soon offer laser cut parts for the plastruder at much lower rates as we are ordering large quantities at a time.
    We will keep everyone updated

    Happy printing!

    BotMill Support

  2. I actually joined both Twitter and SellSimply because of you! I like SellSimply because it's even MORE flexible than Etsy (no initial commitment to buy, people make offers) and I don't need ebay's large audience (they're specialty parts). I can also change the price as much as I want--it's the buyer's offers that I accept.

  3. hi neil, i'm in wisnton salem and just read the star trek replicator article. i would like to discuss 3D printers with you.