Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Selling my RepRap again on Ebay:)

I can't keep all 3 of my printers busy enough hours of the day to make since to have 3 of them, so I am going to sell off the other 2.  This bot has worked 100% for over 100 hours of printing, no self replications for this one but a lot of spare parts for me and other folk.

Unlike most sellers I try to always keep up with the people I sell printers to, so anyone who gets my machine will get my personal phone number and I will work how ever long it takes to get the person printing, which with this machine SHOULD be 2-3 hours, but if it turns into a few weeks I don't care.

Nothing in the world is sadder than a 3d printer that does  not work.

2 hour in the bidding is up to $100, hope for gods sake I at least more than break even, if it goes for less than $600 I am going to cry.

As always if you need help you can almost always reach me in the RepRap and Makergear IRC at:

BTW the link is http://www.ebay.com/itm/RepRap-Prusa-Mendel-Rapid-Prototyping-3D-Printer-Including-Software-and-Support-/180733556929?pt=COMP_Printers&hash=item2a148f38c1  I forgot that part.


  1. Got a link? Heh, I found it, but it might be useful to your other readers. I suspect you'll get more than $600 for it. Looks very nice! If I wasn't building a Prusa myself, I'd consider it.

  2. wow you sold it for 2x :) thats an awesome profit. congrtz.

    I want to build one, but cannot find printed parts. Any ideas where I can buy? can I buy from you? in case if you print em :P