Sunday, April 4, 2010

Getting Ready for Makerfair NC in Durham

Well I have sent off my paperwork, for the Maker Fair in Durham NC on the 25th. I am hoping to have some fun stuff to show there. At this point it looks like I will have:

-My Makerbot #469, with an as of last night 113C heated build plate ala Makergear(up from 80C),
-95% complete Mendel (missing power cable, usb board, ribbon cables, extruder barrel)
-My next Mendel will be in the proccess of being printed when I arrive, will try to print this in such a way that the parts can all be assembled before completeing (I will basicly print my new production files backwards)
-Some fliers from Makerbot and Thingiverse (Thanks Bre and company!)

I need to sell more parts, the project is now broke, and the Queen is sick of this project sucking up funds!

Trying to figure out what I should print and have on hand at the Fair. What to have it printing while I am talking, and what to have for people to handle. Also I want to print some stuff off to give the kids.

I have settled on the Zodiac puzzle, it's small, I can print them by the plate, and if they take them, I don't really care Seanmichaelragan's zodiac puzzle

Demo Prints Stuff I will be printing while I am there to show people what it does Nate True's Dragon Head Andy's face The Big gear from Adrian's new extruder

I hope some of you guys show up!

BTW, I am using a new "production sheets" system. Basically it's all the updates by Vic and others from thingiverse, all organized into smaller plates (I stay within the 80mm plate unless absolutely necessary). It is also organized in order of construction. So basically you can just print 2 plates, and start putting your Mendel together, and print as you work though the rest of the files.


  1. Other good demo prints:
    * Toys: Beco blocks, Legos (this is one of those things that people see and then they just "get" it)
    * Boxes: twisty boxes, heart boxes, etc
    * Tools: Pliers, tweezers
    * Cool stuff: "Pink Panther lady"

  2. Man I wanted to go and show of Isaac but we didn't think we'd make it in time. Turns out we did, but now it is to late to register. Oh well, maybe I'll make the drive just to check it out. I wanted to see the ShopBot fair the day before anyways.

  3. Hello-

    I'm one of the MB group in Durham. We'll be at the Faire with our 'bots, and we look forward to seeing you there.

    My bot went "fully operational" this last Friday so I'm now in "upgrade mode."

    Jeff C