Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I thought I had done something pretty cool

My 1st time printing with my Prusa Mendel in Starbucks.  I was disappointed, no one even noticed.

Come to find out Rick over at Makergear likes printing in Panera Bread.

The girl sitting in front of me never even turned around for a 30 minute print... disappointing..

I mean I know your Mac Book Air is cool and all, but a RepRap doesn't even score a turn around?

So where have you printed for the fun of it (demo's don't count, just random printing)?


  1. Oh well...
    I guess you'll have to turn off microstepping next time so people hear it!

  2. haha Well at least no one called the bomb squad!

  3. I printed at Panera once (outside) for a 2600 meeting...

  4. Was gonna say...should have brought your cupcake to sit side by side. The cupcake is loud enough to get the initial attention, the reprap has enough visible moving bits to keep it.