Saturday, July 3, 2010

Good Deals, and a little bit of Vanity

My RP parts for Mendel over at finally have bidders, they are at $155 now. I will be sending the parts out Tuesday the 6th, no matter what they are going for.

The Winston Salem Journal came over and did an article on me. They interviewed Bre Petis Also! It was fun and 3-4 locals have contacted me about the printer, hoping this helps out the Hacker Space project.

Nop Head pointed out the benefits of PET tape for printing with ABS, well Deal Extreme has 24mm rolls of it with free shipping here for $4.99 Deal Extreme PET Tape.

Price war on ABS. has some REALLY cheap ABS ($30 a 5lb roll). They even carry HDPE for the old school among us for $30 also.

Digi Key has a $8 blower fan that I have fell in love with. 12V 2.28 Watt (190ma), and it pushes 8.5cfm at 41db. Not bad at all. It's 75x75x25mm, but the air port is only 25x25.

That's all the good deals for now. Putting together my Makergear High Output build plate, should have it done next week, will post a video... it looks awesome. Also I installed the Maker bot worm gear. Best $10 I have ever spent on my Makerbot.


  1. Have you ever bought anything from yet? It is half the cost of makerbot and that worries me about quality..

    Mark F

  2. Nope, but look at the plastic, it looks like horrible plastic. I am sure it would not be like the Village Plastic stuff Makerbot and everyone else in the US sells. But heck at half the price, it might we worth it with the right extruder.

  3. Ya I would like to see what some other people say before I invest in it. might need to make some videos of the plastic running in a makerbot or mendel and build some bigger parts. That would show the quality if it could print a 3+ hour part with no problem.

  4. Hi Neil, any plans on printing more RP kits?

    I'm in Australia and have spent every night for the last few days searching for these parts. At the moment I'm checking out the laser cut version from FlemmingCNC - but not sure if they are still making them.

    I even joined twitter to just look at your sale on sellsimply - but the item was long sold.

  5. Oh btw, you can reach me at mhawcroft [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. I know I'm late to the game, but I figured I'd note -- I've got a sample coming from 3dInk to test in a pair of MakerBots.