Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little Ebay experement

I have decided to give up on PLA for a bit, it's been 3 weeks since my printer has done anything but strip, or break. I am now going to tuck my tail and run back to ABS until there is a definitive answer on how to print with the two PLA variants on a Makerbot.

So back to the races!

I have posted all my Mendel pieces I have printed to date on Ebay.


I will continue to post all the thinks I print here, unless the community has a problem with it, in which case I will jut keep them for myself.

Have fun and happy printing!


  1. Hmmm, I would like to know what are that problems for printing with PLA. I am not using a CupCake CNC but I plan to switch fo the same DC motor and pulley... and I don't have PLA with me but I am waiting for it arrive to home :-)

    I guess PLA it's even easier to print, since it requires less force than ABS (the one I am using)...

  2. There is a very active Makerbot Google group, where this is being gone over in detail by much smarter people than myself. Go over there and read through the research they are doing. It is quite an interesting read. :)

  3. I searched ebay for "reprap" before and never found anything. Your auctions does also not show up when I search for "reprap"

    Searching for "mendel" I only see two of your auctions...

    Go figure.


  4. I didn't put the word RepRap or Mendel in every item. I should have but this is my 1st ebay item listing

  5. i am surprised you have not opted for giving them to some one who wanted them under the condition that they give a set or 2 to other people has well, this is a good way to start doing something like that,

  6. How well has that worked for the community so far? Makerbot is at over 500 units, how many not BfB / Makerbot RepRaps have you seen?

  7. I can only think of Nophead and Wade that have given away a full set of parts for a RepRap so far, there may be others but these are the only 2 I'm aware of through reading blogs. Building a RepRap is quite a big project and requires many components from various places which can be hard to get, especially outside the US (meaning you have to import from the US). This is one of the reasons that the MakerBot is so popular, you get a working machine after purchasing a kit containing everything you need. MakerBot is esentially 'seeding' the community with RepStraps which I think will increase the availiability of RepRap parts in the long term.

    I would highly recommend putting the words 'RepRap' and 'MakerBot' in your item titles as that is what eBay uses for the search index. You might also consider placing them under the 'Tools' category which might be a bit better suites as they are technically the components of a tool.

  8. I was having lots of trouble with PLA until I started oiling it. You can check if this will fix your problem by spreading oil on the outside of the PLA and seeing if it runs better.

    I ended running the PLA through a cloth with a hole in it that is soaked in oil. This can run for hours unattended, where before I couldn't run for more than a minute. I have to re-soak the cloth every time I start printing.

    I use motor oil, since it won't smoke at high temperatures.