Friday, January 15, 2010

Finished the Most obsesive Makerbot Build video to date!

16 videos, all with annoying dance beats, and chubby little gnome hands.

I plan on also documenting my Mendel Build in the same way. Please pay not attention to the point in one of the video's where my 3 year old daughter picks up my safety cutter and starts swinging it around trying to get her fathers attention.... That was photo shopped in.


  1. Thank you for those of us who just like seeing other 3D printer designs in intimate detail.

    Your Vids really demonstrate the clever design of the Makerbot Machine and the ease of building the kit.

  2. Thanks, I might be putting one together in March/April. This is useful!
    I created a playlist for it on youtube (discovered this feature and it's really nice for organizing a bunch of videos).
    You can embed the entire playlist or link it it:
    Obviously having separate player windows could help when they're added to wiki's and the like... next to the textual instructions.