Sunday, March 28, 2010

1st set of Mendel parts for sell

Decided to go with the Reprap forum for selling my 1st Mendel set. I posted it over in the RepRap For Sale forum. If it doesn't sell there by Wednsday I guess I wil put it on Ebay, but would prefer to avoid that.

I will be using the funds from this sale to build my 2nd Mendel for myself. I already have the screws, bolts, threaded rods, extruder parts, and electronics for my 1st, so all that's left is the Rod, belts, motors, and other odds and ends for it.

I got the following from McMasters:$44.91

1 9 ft. 7959K24 Trapezoidal-Tooth Neoprene Belting XL Trade Size, .200" Pitch, 1/4" Width Monday morning $1.82 ft. 16.38
2 1 each 6484K509 Trapezoidal Tooth Neoprene Timing Belt .200" Pitch, Trade Sz 370XL, 37" Outer Circle, 1/4" W Monday morning $5.09 each 5.09
3 2 each 5544T27 12L14 Carbon Steel Tight-Tolerance Metric Rod 8mm Diameter, 6' Length Monday morning $11.72 each 23.44

From Alltronics I purchased: $59.47

24M014 Lin Engineering Nema 17 1.8deg 24V 2A bipolar stepper motor $12.95 $38.85
28M063 Lin Engineering 4218L-01D-02 bipolar stepper motor $8.95 $8.95

From VXD : $59.47
1 kit9060 - 48 Bearing 624ZZ and 2 Bearing 608ZZ:Shielded $49.95

From TECHZONE on Ebay : $$47.45

RepRap Laser cut Thick Sheet Set
Item# 300411320929 $36.75 USD 1 $36.75 USD

In hindsight, I think next time I will be buying Ultimachines Kit, and Technzones Lasercut Kit & Techzones Electronics kit.

That would have left me with only the $60 from Alltornics for the motors, and $25 from Mcmasters. for basicly everything I would have needed.

$210 Hardware Ultimachine
$60 Altronics
$25 Belts Mccmasters
$37 Lasercut Techzone
$226 Electronics Techzone (And you get your powersupply and USB connector included)

That's $560 for basically everything you need for Mendel besides your Extruder parts and RP parts. I will be making my own RP so that's not really that bad. I think the way I did it turned out more like $600, but considering it was my 1st time, mistakes where made. I am sure more mistakes will happen.


  1. Just a warning: the z-belt you bought is too short. I ran into this myself last night when assembling my Z-axis - the instructions call for a 960-1008mm belt length, but the McMaster-Carr part number listed in the BOM is for a 37" belt...which works out to 939.8mm.

    I ordered a new 39" belt last night (990.6mm), which should work - 6484K512 (this is the same belt you ordered, just longer).


  2. I'm trying to decide where to get my motors and I'm curious why you bought 3 24M014's and 1 28M063 from alltronics? I was just going to buy 4 of the first one.